Monday, September 28, 2009

Bakso Malang Enggal

We were queuing for 10 mins here !!! Gosh, it was almost 3pm and people kept coming..
But of course it was during the long (holiday) weekend :D
Normally they will be able to accommodate since the place is quite spacious.
Anyway, good food, good price !! Slurrrp... ^^

Baso Malang Enggal

Bakso Malang Enggal
Jl. Burangrang No. 12
Bandung - West Java
Ph : (022) 733400

Friday, September 18, 2009

Roemah Kopi


After few times calling the place asking for directions, I finally arrived :) The place is not supposed to be hard to find, it was just my first time driving up there, alone! :D
This occasion was to actually meet up a blogger friend, Tony. He likes coffee and invited me to try this recommended place (thanks for great evening ! ^^).

So, as the name Roemah Kopi (Coffee House), their specialties are coffee. They offer only indonesian coffee and they have 4 barista. We were lucky to meet & chat with the owner, Mrs. Mirna Irawan. The house was built in 2001 then had a change in function to a cafe by the end of 2003. Decorated in Java style, we can find unique ornaments everywhere.
Psssst, the owner& fam. are actually living there..





Reading corner offers original old indonesian books

IMG_8030 IMG_8033
Small unique ornaments, sculptures, posters, ceramics and potteries decorates the place

It was all started with her fondness of smoking and drinking coffee which she thinks is a really good pair together. The concept of the place it self is simply to offer the experience and taste of having coffee like you're at home. And another important thing is, good price ! ;)

The last but surely not the least, here are the food and recommended beverages :

~ coffee, fresh milk, vanilla ice cream ~

Queen of Coffee
~ espresso, rum, whipped cream ~

Nasi Ayam Asap

Nasi Sate Roemah Kopi

Roemah Kopi
Jl. Terusan Ranca Kendal No. 9

Dago - Bandung

Ph : 022 2512613

Friday, September 11, 2009

DIRITNA Shawerma & Arabic Food

I was in Jakarta again few days ago, we were supposed to have a gathering, Bukber in this occasion. But guess what, it was canceled on the last minute! Yes, I went all the way just for that.. hiksz (#_#)!@_@&%%@^(%

So anyway, I decided just to dine out with one other friend who was going with me to the gathering. We went to this Arabian restaurant in Kemang, the owner and him were old best friends, twenty sth years together in Yaman, so he said. Being the owner and one of the chef him self, the restaurant offers pretty authentic and original Arabian food taste.

Kurma was served, Mint Tea ; Tamarin for drinks. Their Kebab served with Hommus was yummy, even for me who doesn't really in to lamb. I ordered Fattet Dajaj (chicken fillet, rice, yoghurt, fried bread, special spices) and I love it !!! It's actually only appetizer, doesn't look that much but we weren't able to finish a half of it ahahaha..
Another unique drinks I didn't have the space to have was Sahlab, basically made from milk, sugar, pistachios and a sprinkle of cinnamon).

It was a quite a heavy meal with pretty intense chat too, hence I didn't take pics except this one :D (I couldn't remember the name of the food ahahha)

Fattet Dajaj

The owner was really friendly, he speaks fluent Indonesia, English, Arab of course, and French (OMG!!).
Should you look for different eating experience, Arabian food is a good choice.
I surely recommend this restaurant !

Happy trying ^^

Diritna Shawerma & Arabic Food
Jl. Kemang Raya 16
South Jakarta
ph : 062 21 7180854
email :